Now you know about the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre. You may even be learning that race massacres happened in your city in the same era. Today, June 1, as I type this, is 100 years to the day and hour that City and County of Tulsa deputized White mobs stormed into Greenwood and murdered Black people, looted their homes, businesses, restaurants, hospital, library, school, and churches and burned them all to the ground. The city, county, state were all complicit and guilty but have never in 100 years paid reparations for the hundreds of millions in losses in today’s and accumulated losses over time of wealth building. If you have seen the many documentaries and stories and are convicted, now it’s time to ask, “What can Christians do about the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre?” Thank you to Mike Cope and Pepperdine University Church Relations office Rick Gibson for the opportunity to share in this video as a response to this important question.

Greg Taylor and 1256 Movement wishes to thank Nia Clark for the fine work of interviewing survivors and descendants of the massacre and for including the work of 1256 Movement in her excellent podcast, “Dreams of Black Wall Street.”

Greg Taylor presents at a Tulsa City County Library “Unite Tulsa 2021” event.

Greg Taylor preaches at Adams Blvd Church of Christ in his hometown, Bartlesville, Oklahoma.