How many homes were burned down June 1, 1921?

On June 1, 1921 white mobs gathered at the corner of Archer and Greenwood in downtown Tulsa and systematically killed black Tulsans, looted their homes, firebombed Greenwood.

The Red Cross estimated 300 black persons were killed in the mob violence.

In one day, 10,000 black Tulsans were made homeless by actions of white Tulsans.

More than 100 businesses and a dozen churches were burned to the ground.

1,256 homes were burned to ashes by the white mobs while police and fire departments watched or aided white mobs.

From the official number of burned homes comes the name for the 1256 Movement, a coalition with the purpose of rebuilding 1,256 homes for black families. The vision is for 1,256 families to have homes and hope, building on equity for businesses and high education funding.

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