What is the 1256 Proof of Concept Phase?

In the Proof of Concept Phase, 1256 Movement and Taylor Homes are purchasing in fill lots, preferring several lots in a row, in order to build the first homes.

How will these first homes be financed?

1256 Movement was started in 2020 after the death of Terrel Taylor, a builder in Bartlesville, OK. Nearly 50 individuals gave donations toward building homes in North Tulsa in memorial to Terrel Taylor. Additional donations through 1256 will help make a down payment on the first land purchases that will pass as a reparation to black families building homes.

Working with a bank that has a stake in North Tulsa, Greg Taylor and Taylor Homes are planning the first purchase of lots, and this private loan will provide the majority of the initial purchase and construction of 1-4 homes in the Proof of Concept Phase.

After this Proof of Concept Phase, 1256 will continue more in earnest to seek donations from private and public sources. The process and applications for those funds has already started, but we do not want those funds to be the first. We believe the founders must first put our own money into the venture.

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