2023 Annual Report

Public Invited to Read Annual Report to 1256 Movement Applicants and Donors


Thank you to more than two hundred (200) of you who have applied for reparation home improvement grants from 1256 Movement. The good news is that we have conveyed to sixteen (16) families funds to improve their homes. In three years, 1256 Movement has conveyed 150,000 in funds for these 16 families. The bad news is that funding is not yet adequate to serve the remaining applicants, and this is still nearly 200 who have no funding.


Thank you to more than one hundred donors who have helped convey 150,000 in funds for 16 families since 1256 Movement began. Transparency is important, so we publish our annual reports, showing to the penny all donations and funds conveyed each year. We are registered with Candid, formerly Guidestar, and further non-profit accountability can be found here.

Annual Report 2023

To read the 1256 Movement 2023 Annual Report on Guidestar/Candid, click here. To read the PDF or download from this page, see link and/or image area below.

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