What are the funding sources for 1256 Movement to help a black individual or family acquire land and build a home?

  1. Land Sourcing and Funding
    1256 is actively working with the city and private sources to acquire land by proxy for 1,256 black individuals or families seeking to build homes in Tulsa area. Funding for this land acquired from Tulsa Development Authority (TDA) or other public or private sources, such as bank loans and private donations. We will not name those organizations until they want their participation to be made public.
  2. Construction Funding
    After or as an individual or family acquires land through 1256 Movement, recommended or preferred builders and lenders will be used to build homes. There is choice within this network of lenders and builders. We want to be careful not to limit to our own companies, to promote black building companies, lenders, and realtors, and to care about and speak out about quality, transparency, and follow through with any company that is contracting with a black family building a home.
  3. Downpayment Funding
    1256 encourages black individuals and/or families acquiring a piece of reparations land to make a downpayment on their own home build, but 1256 does not require a certain amount, only an aspiration that a down payment of as much as possible is a healthy part of the building process.
  4. Home Buyer Assistance
    1256 is working with other building companies, sub-contractors, realtors, bankers, and developers to educate buyers of federal, state, and local buyer programs that may offer downpayment assistance, education for first-time buyers, and/or closing cost assistance.

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